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‎‎‎Expert Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Clair Hickson, invites you to join her for...

"3 Secrets to Client Success" Training Video Series

£197 FREE

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Drop your name & email to discover the exact strategies I use to create happy, successful clients who love training and doing the work required with their dogs!

Make human interactions as easy as dog interactions with the secrets I reveal in these 3 videos:

 #1 - How You Show Up Matters 

Making a good first impression is extremely important - research shows this plays a key part in the percentage of leads that turn into customers. Have you ever thought about where you are visible, especially online? Facebook groups, Instagram comments, your email tone… the list goes on.

In this video, learn all about the importance of building your business reputation from the get go, ensuring you create a great first impression of you and the services you offer.

 #2 - Giving Information 

It’s easy to make assumptions when you do not have the correct information - you have to fill in the blanks yourself. Never assume your customers are understanding everything you tell them and remember, there is no such thing as over communicating or asking for too much clarity. 

In this video, you will go away with the blueprint for giving accurate information, plus how to read human body language to look for signs that your clients do not understand your message.

(clue, it's the same as the dogs!)

 #3 - Personality Types 

The analyser, the promoter, the supporter and the controller - we all know these personality types. Each type has their own learning and communication behaviour meaning that what works for one may be ineffective for another. Your business communications from marketing to coaching style must be effective for all personality types.

So how do you do this? In the third video, you will learn to see the world in the way that others do, leading to improved communication and coaching with everyone.

Get access to your FREE video training series (valued at £197!)

Hey, I'm Clair

Expert Dog Trainer & Behaviourist
Dog love

I grew up with, and loved dogs from an early age. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I was finally able to own my first dog, a rescue German Shepherd. Jake was scared of other dogs and also bit several people in his lifetime. I loved him with all my heart and he started my journey into dog behaviour as I learnt how to help him.


In 2009 I gave up my highly specialised career in nursing to start Talk to the Paw. My experience of nursing plays a role in all my dog related work as it has given me the skills of listening, counselling and empathising with my clients. Since those early days I have taught classes, workshops and seminars and have worked individually with hundreds of dogs to solve difficult behaviour. I am still learning all the time.

 "Filling in the Missing Peaces"

“I find the coaching part of teaching people is hard - and can be draining!

I mentor new dog trainers as well as teach my reactive / behaviour clients and it’s hard to get the balance right between telling them all the answers and coaching them to be autonomous.

Your course is filling the ‘Missing Peace’s’ of the jigsaw for me and I’m enjoying it.

Thank you.”

- Sarah, Dog Trainer

"Sold my first new premium 8 week programme!"

“I held my nerve during the discovery call, promoted the premium programme which my client then went on and bought.

We made great progress with her overseas dog and she has been an ambassador of my training ever since.

I'm enjoying learning how to tweak my content and make sure clients get the best programme ever with the value they deserve and that I will enjoy delivering.”

- Deborah, Dog Trainer

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